WHAT A GREAT OPEN 2021!!!!!!

WHAT A GREAT OPEN 2021!!!!!!

What a bless was beginning this new year receiving our first in pandemic time team!!!!

All our villages was open to receive them and really was a great time, they work in building a home destroyed in the hurricanes Eta and Iota.

and planting fruit trees in the villages like a way to give the families vitamins in the middle time. We went home by home given name to each tree for ownership of the kids.

Even God put in the hearth of some team members, furniture the home they built.

Time expended with the kids, showing them no matter what happen around their lives, pandemic or hurricanes, God take care of them.


Blessed be the name of our Lord Jesus, we are serving weekends breakfast in all the villages where our God asking us go, and he is providing the found so far and we know he will provide. All the food is por take and keep all the health and safe measuring true this pandemic.


1. God keep providing for the feeding program, we had a reductions incomes for this program.
2. More teams come to Guatemala in 2021
3.Wisdom and energy for our Guatemalan’s mission teams


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We just want say thanks to all our sponsor and friends who make posible celebrate in this difficult time for our villages, pandemic and two hurricanes, but praise the Lord true many of you we had a great year!!! and want say



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We had the opportunity for visit and watch the damage made for the hurricanes Eta adn Iota in the villages where God send us work, praise the Lord we didn’t have any live lost but of course some damages.

We want bless all of you who are been praying for Guatemala and CCCG and the ones who send some founds for help this damage people, we began the construction of damage homes and provide basic food.

Please pray we can enjoy with our kids the Christmas time, we are planning go to each villages with all the covid 19 protocols and have fun time with them, we will be using mask, use Alcohol gel and keep a distance and don’t have groups of kids over 10.
Please God’s protection in this activity.
Our feeding program will begin the follow February.



1. Our open breakfast on February
2. Our first team ove pandemic time in January 4th.
3. Mo re team come the next year

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God bless all of you for your prayers, the rain slow down and the flood is coming down, praise the Lord in our ministry center everything is fine, just with a lot of mud, the people is still there until their home be clean and are train recover the most they can from all the river take away.
Lucas our guardian lost many of their few furniture at home like others around, we will try to help him rebuilding the area where the river took aways and give some furniture back.
In Tablitas other village where God send us to work are refugees in the social center because one of the wall of the hill over there look will colapse soon, keep praying for them, we will try help them with food, and supplies for be the better posible.
If God put in your heart be part of this support we will receiving donation true our regulars ways, please contact us.
God bless all of you, we can fell God’s love true all of you.


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Hurrican Eta

Hurricane Eta

We wan say thanks to all the friends who was wondering about CCCG and our projects in the country, really bless our lives.
The half of the villages where God send us to work was into the area of the Hurricane ETA, the destruction and dead is unbeliever, really hit this area very hard,  but praise the lord our villages are doing pretty well, a lot of water and cold for them, but everything is OK, what ever we are expecting again a new Hurricane come into Guatemala the next week and will hit the same area, please pray for Guatemala and the villages where God put us to work.

Please pray for protection for this families, and for wisdom for our side to help them in everything God provide for them.


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