October been doing the most busy month of the year, but was amazing month
The day to I come back from USA I had to run to the first clinic at the church with Jennifer, Sean and Karen, we attend many need people

Oct 1Oct 2

Just leaving them and we had the second medical team for the moth, they come from WA State, Seattle and they work very hard and we had the opportunity to go to the Pacific Area and even have a clinic in front of the majesty Pacific Ocean who gave us the gift to see the Sea Turtle came and take the eggs after 12 year that she was born in the same beach, this is fantastic
Oct 3Oct4
Oct 5Oct 6-1

But in the middle of this unique experience God gave us the opportunity to be blessed again from our sponsor in Tennessee, Two River Church, they bring a pear of snickers for all the kids of the feeding program, and of course we take the time for came and celebrate with them this bless for all of us
Oct 7Oct 8

In this point I was very happy see how God was blessing us, but the moth just was in the middle, the 3rd. medical team come and we went to visit other area of the pacific ocean and the high Landers of the country for take medical care to all of them who never had the opportunity to see a doctor
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All this help and the moth don’t finish yet, but after God sent us a team for help in side of us, a construction team from Portland Maine, who was a perfect team, a lot of work, a lot of sponsor, a lot of fun, English classes, and more work, we worked in the second area of the parking of the church and begin to do (don’t finish yet) our pray room, they was wonderful, By the way, other turtle and we save her eggs and we take those to the conservation for the Sea Turtle institute
Oct 9Oct 10Oct 11
Oct 12Oct 13
In the middle of all this noise, God took time for show us his concern about the next year 2007, like you know we are planning to open a second feeding facility for receive other 100 kids, but we need all kind of help and a couple from North Caroline came and think maybe they can came and spend 6 month for us and help in this project, please keep the in your prays and maybe the will came to help us we pray for you Kail and Loren

Oct 14Oct 15
Like I toll you before this was a long an busy month, God gave the opportunity to finish the project of construction for give a home to 14 families who lost everything one year ago with hurricane Stan, the Guatemala Company King Express donate the money to buy the proprieties and build a home for them, than was one of my most exited works in this year, a tired and hard work to bring me resign from the fire department, but full of bless for this families, Thanks to all who trust on us, thanks Silvia Arias, Dora Orellana and the rest of the crew, this is done
Oct 16Oct 17
Oct 18Oct 19
Finally the last experience for us in this month was to receive a friend from Costa Rica at home, Jorge Barquero, KOKI, he is one of my best friend and came to share with us and our worship team who receive from him a big bless true his wises and love, thanks Koki

Oct 20Oct 21
his is the last month of breakfast at church for the kids, they come to their vacation and we reserve all the help for give to them their vacation camp, instead to give breakfast every morning we will take them to a aqua park for share one week with the love of God, thanks to all to do this possible

Oct 22Oct 23

Ok, is time to keep going, Fabiola and my self are finish the conferences and activities for our next couple retry the next Friday, we will be 3 days sharing with 30 couples about how God is calling to be the difference in the word and we really need to finish the exercises to they will have to do, but today is the day of the saints in Guatemala and we celebrate this coking Fiambre, Bunuelos, rosquillas and our seasonal fruits, and I’m enjoy this with Fabiola, but we need to come to work, God bless you for keep us in your prays and thoughts, thanks for be our friends

Oct 24Oct 25

If you can reply this mail just saying ” we receive your mail” will be a bless for us,

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Hi from Guatemala

Oct 10th

That last 3 weeks have been very exited and especial for me and Fabiola, like you know we went to Maine to visit two churches and some friend who want to try to find help for our ministry, and believe me was a great time, first because I spoke a lot about how God is blessing us with work and when you say this, your heart get fill with feelings about how much God love us, and by the way helped us for rest a little bit.

Mn 2mn-1.JPG

I had the opportunity to fly very low and see the beautiful of the fall in almost all Maine

We meet a great kind of people who wants tobe part of our ministry, we are praying and ask you help us to pray for thy can be part of this ministry in Guatemala

Mn 5Mn 4
Presque Isle MN friends York and Portland hosts

Mn 11Mn 8
We came the last Wednesday but I had to drive directly from the airport to the church for attend one team to came from Seattle WA to do medical care for the members of our kids program and church, they was a great team and work until Friday
Mn 7Mn 10
After Saturday and Sunday God let us to begin to work in the area of our pray room and carpenter shop, this will sponsor in part for the one church in Portland Maine who will came on October 19 for be part of this dream.
Mn 6Mn 3
Mn 12Mn 9
Member of the church digging kids of the program helping

And of course enjoy again the breakfast everymorning with the kids, they are doing great and fell very proud of them

Please keep praying for us and hope see you all of you one day again, we really fell bless, but we need every one of you,

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Great September

I the last days I’ve been enjoy the love of God and all that he are doing for us and I really like to share with you why:
This month was very special for this project, like you know we are train to improve our computer lab, and we received some help from Two River Church, Carolyn Sperman and Sunrise Rotary Club in Canada for this, and finally we set all, we have to build the area, buy computers, buy desks, high speed Internet and all is set, we just had one week to finish

Tn Pict7835Tn Dscn0871

Tn Dscn0867Tn Dscn0868

we received the donation from Food for the Hungry for give each kid a hygiene bag with all the necessary for this


We keep with our breakfast and our paint class


We had a great retreat for all the members, we went to a Christian camp on the Caribbean about 8 hours drive, but was wonderful and blessed


God was grateful with us a we had a perfect time enjoy his will for us and his wonderful creation, I really like to share more pictures of this blessing but don’t have so much room now


But one to I don’t want to loose the opportunity to share with you is about Koki, this is one of the most important members of the gang to God let us to work and I invited him to came with his wife and came, and we are praying God do his will on him, please pray for him

S 14S15

We finish the class room area int he second floor, we just need to finish the restroom area and we are working on this (he robed to my son one time)


We will inauguration the King Express neiborhood on October 23, this is the end of one of my largest project this year and some want to came, are welcome


A church in Portland Maine invited me to be with them fro show some of our projects and I will there from tomorrow 9/20 until 10/4, because other friend invited me to be with them, Dr. Douglas Brown, Pastor Dorian Wayne and Ralph Merrill, and of course my host Sean Flaters, please pray for this trip bring to Fabiola and My self new energy and more help for this ministry to God gave us,

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December 31 -Feeding Program

Today December 31 is our last day of 2005 and with this bring time for work, reports, receipts and more, we are happy because we finish with 115 kids for the list of the feeding program, with the 90% of assistance on the breakfast, and 200 kids with the kids to don’t came to breakfast but receive help in vitamins, dental care, gifts, Scholl supplies, etc.
We had 165 kids in the our Christmas party and one Church from California (Una cita con Dios) gave to all the kids a very nice Christmas gift.
A very nice year very tired and busy but perfect.
The report is:
Kids attended in al the year                200
Kid who receive breakfast                   115
The construction of the class rooms, computer center and clinic, go very ahead, today we put corrugate zinc forms
The next year we hope to do a lot more, we are praying for open other breakfast place in the next area of our church in Santa Fe and in this way can receive more kids and give spiritual follow too, maybe we will rent a home or buy a propriety and work on set this for feed them, we don’t have any sponsor for this but we know God will provide.
The three bigger sponsor this year in the feeding program was:
Fist one         Freddy Alvarez
2do. Lugar       Alfonso Alvarez
3er. Lugar        Gilberto Alvarez
All of you have doing a big difference and the blessing of God will be coming like a testimony of his power
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We want to say thanks, for all the support you send we can give another vacation camp to our kids.

Like you know in Guatemala we are in vacation from the Scholl and instead to give breakfast we get all the money and planificate a vacation camp with al the kids, we offered them if they past year they can came and they worked hard for came, and they really have fun

Of course they have a Bible time with a very god interesting from them
We had a very god time with them, playing, singing, learning, swimming and more, and I know they never will forget and we had beach and sunsets

They really have time for see the wonderful of God true his gift for us, beautiful places and friends

With out your help they never can have this time, God Bless you so much

We will working now in their Christmas, if you sponsor one kid and want to send a gift is the moment to do.

God bless you for all,




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