From David December 10 th 2005

Hi every one of my firemen fellows,
I’ve been be blessed from God with more work lately, all of you I want to know to I’m the new Director of the 10th station, the second more busy station in Guatemala city.
I know maybe the congratulation are goods, but…. is a lot of work, the most of you know how it work here, we are in charge to make the station go, get units, gas, equipment, training, facilities, etc. is so many to do, and we have big ambulance and fire calls
Our dream with the new crew is make a pilot, a model station for all the country, we need to improve all, the station, education, training, units, kitchen, dorms, etc. and I know many of you can help us in this goals.  Please begin to save your next vacation to came to Guatemala and share time with our station, we need you, came with training or equipment or any thing that you think we can work, even today we have a test one pr month, one of fire and other of ambulance, and if you don’t pass the test you can not run in the units, we are train to do our best.
Please let me know you receive this mail and I can explain in details how can you help us, but for me is an honor and pleasure to be the director of this important station, pray for me and hope to know about you soon,
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Firefighting Guatemala

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